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Couldn't she have been hosted with Lunarpages?

Congratulations, Nastia!

It’s unfortunate about your name, but at least you’ve got a gold medal!

Which is more than you can say for most Happy DreamHost Customers!

Created on: 07-MAR-02
Expires on: 08-MAR-09
Last Updated on: 17-FEB-08

Administrative, Technical Contact:
Liukin, Nastia liukinfan2004@yahoo.com.au
PO Box 5727
Canberra, ACT 2605

Domain servers in listed order:

(Early this morning, one of our shared web servers ovaltine started crashing. We quickly narrowed it down to nastialiukin.com. At her website manager’s request, we moved her temporarily to a different shared server with nobody else on it. It also kept crashing!

So, we switched her (static html) site from Apache to lighttpd and immediately the load dropped from 200 to .2 (unfortunately, lighttpd is really only good for static files).. but then the network port started to saturate!

To deal with that, (again at her website manager’s request) we turned off the auto-playing flash mp3 streamer on the front of her site (who wants those anyway), and then things were finally under control!)

Go visit and watch that visitor # in the corner GROW!

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