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Friendless Summer

Hey, as long as they’re cheap..

It’s hot in LA!

Which makes me think of summer!

Which makes me think of interns!

Which makes me think of hot summer interns!

Which makes me think of how sad I am to not be in Advertising!

Now, I know there are lots of other cool-sounding summer marketing internships available around this Internet world of ours, but hey, they’re not going to be very cool when it’s 96 degrees with 98% humidity in Manhattan and they’re on a street corner handing out flyers!

Meanwhile, you could be nice and cool, deep underground in one of our (assuming there’s no power outages..) climate-controlled data centres! (That was for the Brits.)

Being Los Angelenos, we don’t really know when this “summer” you speak of IS, or even really how to spell it, and because of that we’ve already “jumped the shark” and are looking to hire FIVE (5) summer interns… RIGHT NOW IN THE MIDDLE OF MARCH!

A Glamorous Job!

I would explain how great it is to work at DreamHost, and all the details and what-ever-for-not here, except I already wrote it once on the jobs page there, and re-hashing old content is a job best left to the professionals!

I will at least mention here that #1 this is a PAID internship, at $18.50 / hour, and #2 we’re flexible with when you want to start and how long you want to do it for, and #3 sure, this could be a good way to perhaps eventually even get a real job!

Now, juuust to wrap things up, my friend sent me an email two days ago about his experience interviewing that was way funnier than everything I’ve ever written, so hopefully he’s okay with me posting a snippet here. I can only hope that any interviewing I do for this internship will score half as many douchebag points…

So then I went to this interview at this place where really the job description was 100% me, like every thing they needed, I have done, I had all the right skills, etc. The guy there was a bit wacky. First thing when we sat down he asked me who I WAS. Like to describe myself as a whole, what type of person I am, etc. Then he started telling me how he asked some receptionist applicant that, and she said “well I’m beautiful” and then he went on this story about how she WAS gorgeous but she went on to explain that she didn’t mean her outside appearance even though it was beautiful, but she meant her inner self, she’s a beautiful person, etc. We finally got on to the interview and during it he tells me to pretend I’m a shoe salesman and I just sold him a pair of shoes but he phones me and says he doesn’t know how to tie his shoes, can I explain it to him over the phone. I was like “haha oh umm ok, sure. Haha, I feel like this is going to be one of those trick questions!” and he assures me like no, no, it’s no trick, it’s cause communication is important in this job. So I go through it, put your left lace in your left hand, pull it over to the right side, yadda yadda. Then at the end he looks at me with this smug look and goes “That was good. But you forgot one thing. You forgot to tell me to put my foot in the shoe”. Extra douchebag points here because not only WAS this a trick question, but he said tell me how to TIE them. I just chuckled and was like “oh wow yeah, I didn’t, hah yeah”, but after I was thinking how awesome it would have been to just stare at him for like 2 seconds when he said that, say nothing, and then get up and walk out and drive away.


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