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A Strike on Strikes!

Why can't unions ever strike against strikes?

Ha, did you think you’d gotten through those stupid strikethemed posts?

Well, apparently you are!

The writer’s strike seems to be finally coming to an end, and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. On the one hand, it means I can finally get back to writing awesome blog posts. On the other hand, it means I can no longer get away with writing these blog posts… which is bad news because this well of creativity is tapped, my friends.

The sad truth is, I did that entire “billing mistake” thing just so I’d have easy blog fodder for another week.

A Last Hurrah

I guess I’ll just quickly wrap up a bunch of stupid things I was planning on “striking” against but never got around to. I never expected this thing to end and was pacing myself.

Hopefully this strike really is settled or you ain’t going to be seeing any new posts here until at least the first Sunday after the Ecclesiastical Full Moon date after March 20th!

A Strike on Fax Machines!

If only the web had come FIRST.

How in the hell is it 2008 and everybody still uses fax machines?

Give me some widespread e-signature standard already, world!

A Strike on Social Networks

Yes. But I was coerced!

Is it just me, or do social networks only appeal to people who 1. are single 2. have no job or 3. care about what their friends are doing?

Because I, for one, am none of those things.

A Strike on Cell Phones

Why do cell phones still keep any data locally?

When you get a new cell phone, you should just have to log into it, like you do, say, a new email client, and whammo, all your contacts/pictures/text messages/themes/preferences/ETC.. are syncronized with a (non-proprietary) server.

We need IMAP for Phones.

(I lose my cell phone once a month.)

A Strike on Global Warming

And I even met him!

Dallas warned me not to post this, but he’s in Thailand (trying to enjoy it while it’s still above the ocean.)

There’s just three things that bother me about global warming.

1. There’s literally no way we can be even reasonably sure about what will happen. There’s just no experiment we can run on our entire planet that we can set up an adequate control for!

2. Even if the earth does get warmer, we can’t really know (again, what would the control be?) all the effects that will have on us until it actually happens. The earth’s climate has changed a lot over the billions of years it’s been around, and yet here we are, over 6 billion strong and fatter than ever!

3. Even if the Earth does warm, and even if it is bad for us, there’s again no way we can possibly verify what actually caused it, nor if there was anything we could have done to prevent it.

I mean, I’m all for clean air and water and not wasting electricity and saving the whales, but isn’t just having clean air and water and more money and whales to ride reason enough?!

And if we want to focus on literally saving the human race as we know it, maybe we should be spending more R+D on stopping near Earth objects!

We know they’re out there, we know they’ve hit Earth before, and we know it’s very bad when they do!

A Strike on Getting Old


I broke my left foot playing basketball when I was 27.

It took about a year to heal, but it’s pretty much been fine since.

Now all of the sudden, 3 years later, everytime I get up after being inactive for a half hour or more my left foot kills!

And that’s the real reason why I don’t worry about global warming in the future … I refuse to get older.

Now, please feel free to hold your own stikes in the comments, before the writers settle!

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