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Dodge; Duck; Dip; Dive; DreamHost

Prepare to meet your Dodge-maker!

I’m sure some of you sometimes wonder what exactly is going ON over here when the network goes out at DreamHost.

Stunned into Dodge-paralysis!

Well, we get right down to it. No matter how late, nor how dark, nor how dangerous, everybody heads over to the local park and plays some Dodgeball while we wait for it to hopefully resolve itself!

First you Dodge-run to the balls!

It’s an industry standard practice, let me assure you.

Then, you Dodge-heave the balls!

In fact, lots of times when we get there, we find several other web hosts are already playing! That’s when we take them out with our massive balls.

Dodge-Ball Square Pants!

I usually lead the assault… since nobody can see me in my camouflage shorts!

Watch the hovering red Dodge-orb!

Finally, when one lucky shmoe is declared Ultimate Dodger (small people have an advantage), they get to go back and fix everything!

The Dodge-Champion gets all the balls!

The rest of us are forced to go get drunk and eat onion rings.

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