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Got It!

The iPhone gives my eyes a healthy red glow.

I got one!

You’ve still got 30 minutes to submit a pic!

I waited in line for THREE HOURS (fortunately I was, ahem, working the whole time) at an AT&T store, and when I was just about to get in the store they announced “We only have 4GB ones left!”


Well, since I promised an 8GB model, I quickly hopped on the subway down to the SOHO Apple store (a guy had come by and said that everybody should go there, they had a TON and the line was SUPER FAST! But at that point I was sooo close..) and whammo, about 5 minutes later I was checking the authenticity of the box they’d given me..

That’s 24 Karat Pure iPhone

So, let this be a lesson for you, old East-Coast-iPhone-Waiter. Just go to an Apple store around 8pm. They have a TON and it’ll take about five minutes.

I don’t feel bad waiting though. For all the hard work you guys are doing making those photoshopped images, it was the least I could do.

I like to rub my forehead on glass.

Now I’m in a cab on my way to a dinner BBQ. Hooray for EVDO! There will be one more post with more exciting pictures of the CHAMPTION iPhone later this weekend, I promise.

P.S. Everybody go buy one, I have apple stock.

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