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Just now we had this little customer exchange:

I can’t get to one of my sites via web browser. My other sites hosted by you are available.
Happy DreamHost Customer

Hello HDC,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, I had no problem viewing your site from this side. I’ve
also viewed your server history and saw that no reboots were done. So
all looks well with your site from what I can see.

Please contact us if you’re still not seeing your site from your


Alright, we’ll just chalk it up to this guy:

Is good enough for me!

Heh, that sure caught us off-guard! Hee hee… I almost wonder if he just lied about there being a problem so he could send us that!

Nonetheless, it sort of ties in nicely with the fact that we were thinking about giving away an 8GB iPhone, if only we could come up with a good reason to!

You see, ever since I heard about this guy camping out for an iPhone since Monday morning, I thought it’d be fun to camp out for one myself. Not have one, mind you, just camp out.

I’m perfectly happy with my Nokia 6010 on T-Mobile (although this is intriguing) .. mostly because I can drop it out a third story window, watch it explode into a dozen plastic pieces, and then put it back together and make a call. In fact, that’s exactly what I do every day when leaving work, just so I don’t have to lug it down the elevator.


(Aside: when I heard that somebody was already camping out on Monday, I thought to myself: That’s insane! They estimate there will be 3 million iPhones available at launch. And anyway, isn’t the point of camping out to minimize your time in line while still guaranteeing you get one of the items? In fact, wouldn’t you have to be a little insane to be the first person in any camp-out line? If nobody else is waiting yet, why would you need to?” Honestly, I really did think that whole thing.

Well, this answers my question! There is a benefit to being the insane first person in line.. you get interviewed by the local news!)

Anyway, I was inspired. I promise I’ll be getting one of them thar 8GB iPhone’s tomorrow.. as soon as I see somebody else camped out in front of my local AT&T store, I’ll line up right behind them, with my laptop, EVDO, extra battery, and faithful hound in tow.

Where do the years go?

And then, after taking it out of the box and ogling it for a couple hours, I’m going to just give it away!

But to whom?!

Hmm. How about… to whoever posts in the comments of this post a link to the (photoshopped?) image that best illustrates (in my sole opinion) the cause for mysterious DreamHost downtime! The cuter the better, the cleverer the better, the cornier the better, the DreamHost logo-ier the better.

So far, that Cookie Monster one above is winning!

The deadline for the comment post is 6pm PDT, tomorrow, Friday June 29th, 2007; west-coast iPhone launch moment!


(P.S. The winner will have to activate the iPhone themselves with one of AT&T’s plans. Or re-sell it on ebay or craigslist.)

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