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Shameful Plug

Best? I'd say ONLY.

I am so ashamed.

If only they knew we aren't even incorporated.

And yet flattered.

I SWEAR I didn’t nominate us myself. The blogger’s choice awards ain’t no digg!

And they ain’t no Golden Globes either. These are the top-notch, no-hold-barred, keeps-the-homeless-away, freeekin’ OSCARS of the blog award industry, no doubt! Who cares if they’re run by blogosphere pariahs pay-per-post: working hard to commercialize what used to be all about the art of what I ate today, man.

And with the type of high-class, bourgeoisie, bathtub-filled-with-perrier web hosting and blog-writing establishment we run here, we wouldn’t accept a nomination for anything less.

So please, click both of those beautiful icons above and go through all the registration mambo-jambo (you could use spam.la to fake your email address) to vote for us.

It’d be so great to win because:

  1. My ego is almost as low as my blood sugar after being on South Beach for a week. If we win, I will eat a spaghetti.
  2. If we win, YOU will be the kind of person who signed up with a web host and even read their blog before they were famous and sucky.
  3. The awards (solid diamond) will be given out in Las Vegas on my mom’s (Joan Jones) birthday, and my mom loves her some Cheetahs. I mean Spamalot.

Then, in September I really hope somebody nominates us for The Weblog Awards and then in January somebody else nominates us for a Bloggie.

Don’t worry, I already submitted us for a BloggY.

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