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No Run-Of-The-Mill Week, This!

First Allen Iverson, now Martin Luther King, Jr.?!


We started the week off by having a little MLK, JR. weekend sale on our web site. Apparently, some of our affiliates hate civil rights because we got some angry emails that our little MLK, JR. day stunt was stealing their referrals by putting a promo code of our own right on our website!

They have a good point. Why would somebody use the promo code they were given when they get to the website and see a better one in a pop-up window! All these affiliates are working super-hard in the hopes of some good paypal lovin’, only to find out the very company they’ve been shilling to all their croneys has turned around and STABBED THEM IN THE FACE!

Et tu, Joshé?

Now, why so ever would we do something like that? Of course we don’t want to hurt our affiliates! So why steal their referrers in this way? Especially when our promo code was more than $97, it actually costs us more to “steal” these people about to sign up with some other promo code.

The strange, but true, but unbelievable, but really honestly true, but you-can’t-comprehend-it, but it’s for reals, truth is we’ve found that putting a pop-up promo code like that on our main site actually helps all signups, ACROSS THE BOARD.

We’re not sure why ourselves, but we get more no-promo-code signups, more affiliate-promo-code signups, and of course, more DreamHost-promo-code signups whenever we have that pop-up there! And, it seems to also have no residual effect on signups on other days afterwards.

Maybe people just feel some loyalty to their original promo code. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they just don’t see or read the pop-up. Maybe seeing that code gets everybody in some kind of weird web-hosting frenzy and they just decide to sign up, whether they use the code or not! I know, it’s CRAZY, but that’s why I like marketing!

So basically, please please PLEASE trust us, affiliates! We try our best to only take actions in everybody’s best interests, and we’ve got nothing to gain by “stealing” your referrals!


Brett was checking the public voicemail when he came across this little gem apparently from a phone number in British Columbia.

Now, most of us didn’t really think that was the scariest bomb threat they’d ever heard. But, it was decided to notify our main data center building anyway. They then called the LAPD, and so a lot of Tuesday was spent explaining what “we do,” and how we have a “voice mail” in a “computer file”.

Also that “Brea” is a city in the LA area, different from “La Brea”, a street.

P.S. No bomb so far.

P.P.S. And really, what sort of threat gives you a deadline that’s a 48-hour window?


Ladies, avert your eyes!

Head Honcho Michael is out of town right now, so apparently ANONYMOUS LAZY HAPPY DREAMHOST EMPLOYEE thought it’d be fine to sneak in a little nap on his office couch. And it would have been fine, if he could have only kept his pants on.

(Notice the huge amounts of DreamHost power that permeate the office?)


Your charity dollars at work!

Aw shucks! We just got a huge shipment of World Wrestling Fund (or something?) pint glasses and travel mugs for thanks for the generous donation DreamHost and her customers gave a few months ago! Well, we’d split all the glasses in half with you, but I guess we’re just pessimists.

Consider them gifts from you to us for keeping prices down while we REDICLOUS-LY add (and subtract) bandwidth and disk space!


Whoops, did I spell something ridiculously wrong up there?

My apologies, I must have just been influenced by this SECRET PACT email I received today from an UN-NAMED WEB HOST!

I’m just trying to get some key players in the industry to agree on a few things:

a. That the current disk space/bandwidth allocations are rediclous
b. To cap them at a specific range (based on price)
c. To create a self-enforcement method for the industry

I was wondering if DreamHost would be interested in joining the discussions. So far, I have spoken to almost every major hosting provider in our segment.

I guess somebody doesn’t read our blog! Doesn’t he know our whole “lowering disk and bandwidth” thing is just a coy marketing ploy?

And in summary, what a wild, zany, not-run-of-the-mill week it’s been!

And, OH, I just remembered.

This IS a run-of-the-mill week at DreamHost!


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