How to get cheap PS3s!

A clever editorial on web 2.0?

Nobody showed up at our talk. We’ll post a video when we get one from ISPCon. It’s too bad we don’t have one yet, because in my country, they would go crazy for my talk. Dallas, not so much…

Ha, just kidding BIG D!

Well, some people showed up, just no customers (except for the moderator.) But we understand. It would have cost like five-hundred YEARS of hosting to attend. And it’s not like you can’t just hang out with honchos anytime you want.

For example, my next public appearance will be next Saturday at the Nintendo store in New York City.. waiting in the balmy warmth all night to take a Wii.

Come hang out and I’ll let you cut!

What happens to those who cut in line.

Which reminds me… why is Sony not charging $2000 for a PS3?

They come out Nov 17th and people are ALREADY waiting in line.

“Hey fun boys, GET A JOB!”

Why on earth would somebody wait in line ten days for a $599 video game machine?

Maybe because they’re only making 400,000 of them?

So maybe these people do have a job. Maybe they just REALLY love Guitar Hero. Or Maybe these people are waiting in line for a week and a half because their job doesn’t pay $50,000 a year. You see, by waiting just ten measly days, they’ll be able to resell these PS3s on ebay in time for christmas at probably, literally, $2,000 a pop.

Not so bad..

In Boston they have a much smarter way of doing this.

Back in January 2005 I was waiting in line at Fenway Park with some friends at 6am. There were hundreds of people in line ahead of us, many of whom’d been there over two days. That morning the Red Sox were releasing a few ticket packages for the upcoming season (you had to buy three blah games to get one Yankee game) to the public for the first time (as World Champions) in 86 years.

Anyway, just twenty minutes before the gates opened, a group of about a dozen southies showed up, and shoved themselves right near the front of the line.

Nobody did a thing.

I mean, what would YOU do? Everybody in line were just little groups of two, four, maybe five guys. This was TWELVE strapping young morons, working for some kind of ticket-scalping mafia… and it didn’t really matter to anybody near the front of the line. After all, the only people being screwed were a couple hundred back who had just gotten bumped out of the running for any tickets.

So annoying!

I wish the Red Sox just held an auction for the tickets. Let the market take care of things, let the Red Sox make more money, and let those southie thugs all sleep in.

Sony should hold an auction too. Do a Dutch Auction like Google’s IPO. Screw these people waiting in line, screw ebay, and actually make some money on these things!

Or if an auction is too crazzzzzzzzy, release a pricing schedule like this:

November 17th, 2006: $1999
December 24th, 2006: $1299
January 8th, 2007: $899
April 30th, 2007: $599
November 17th, 2007: $399
January 12th, 2008: $249
April 13th, 2008: $199
November 32nd, 2008: $149

Release it to the general public NOW, and stick to it.. the things will sell out the entire time and you’ll get a big PR BLAST each time the price drops.

(Incidentally, I also think new TLDs should do the same thing.)

Oh yeah, after our talk, Ken Schafer of Tucows asked us about our affiliate program.

Then, we cut the legs off a squishy cow.

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