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Why Ninjas Don’t Wear Shoes

Dracula Against Devil?!


We had our annual Halloween party a little early this year… since the 31st is a Tuesday, we decided to have our party on Saturday, April 22nd instead.

Sorry it took so long to get some pics up!

Real Ultimate Power Against Little Red Riding Hood?!

That’s me!

Notice I’m a ninja? You can barely see me wailing on my sweet electric guitar and then popping a huge boner.

Also, to make my disguise complete, I hid my shoes under some chairs in the corner of the party!

Hannibal Lector Against Pele?!


You see, as the company grows, these parties grow! With all the friends of friends of friends we probably had about 200 people this year. I believe 90% of them were with Javier.

And, as the people attending get further and further from actually knowing anybody throwing the party, the crime rate rises and rises!

Rod Stewart Against Al Capone?!

You see, when it was time to leave, my shoes were gone!

It would have been no biggie, since those shoes were on their way out anyway.. but my car keys and cell phone were inside!

We looked all around and couldn’t find it.. could somebody really have stolen my shoes?! There it was, 3am 2am, and I was stuck standing in my black socks.

I ninjad my way back to the hotel (my condo was getting fumigated for termites.. how’s that for some rocking timing), broke into my room (my wallet was locked in my car), and dreamt sweet ninja dreams.

Long story short!

The next day, I came back with my spare keys (but no alarm fob!), set off my car alarm six times trying to get it to start, went to the T-mobile store to get a new phone, but decided to give my old phone one more, final call .. when somebody picked up!

Hi. Um, I think you have my phone?
Uh, yeah, I think so.
Uh, yeah.. who is this?
It’s Brad. (New tech support guy from Indiana!)
Okay fine, please stop crying. How about just a 20% pay cut?
Sniff. Sniff. Okay. I’m sorry. My girlfriend was really drunk last night and we were sitting on those chairs in the corner and I took her home and picked up all her stuff and I thought those were HER shoes.
You thought those size 14 velcro converse were your girlfriend’s?

I was pretty drunk too.

And THAT is why ninjas don’t wear shoes.

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