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The Expert Speaks!

Jeez Teri, lose some weight will ya?!

Last week, as I was lazily thumbing through the May 2006 issue of AmericanWay, the AWARD-WINNING in-flight magazine of American Airlines, a familar face caught my eye.

Hooray for experts!

Who WAS that cheery-eyed elf peering back at me from the upper-right hand corner of THE EXPERT SPEAKS?

I knew I’d never met the man, and yet I’d seen his face many times.. and yet I also knew he wasn’t famous. Where was he from? I couldn’t quite place it. It finally hit me when I read the introductory text… of course!

It was none other than CEO and publicity-hound extraordinaire of our favorite competitor CI HOST, C.F.! (One must never actually type his full name, lest he suddenly appear in a flash of smoke, lawsuit in hand.)

Great! So good to see other hosting guys moving up in the world!

I practically quivered in anticipation of the gleaming nuggets of insight soon to be bestowed upon me!

My practical quivering was soon rewarded as I came across this beautiful passage:

PSP eh?!

(Personally, I prefer my UMPCs with Nintendo DS.)

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