DreamHost Announcements

And then there were two.

Some twins are not so cool.

We liked this weblog so much, we started another!

https://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ is the brand-stinking-new ugly step-twin to this, the Official DreamHost Blog!

Over there we’ll post announcements only of interest to our customers (because, yeah, so many non-customers read this blog). You know, policy changes, downtime, new features… things of that ilk.

There is of course an RSS feed as well as a metric ton of categories so you can choose to only subscribe to the sorts of issues you care about.

This is actually completely replacing our old announcements system at the panel.

Email announcements just weren’t cutting it.. hundreds of thousands of emails took FOREVER to send out, junk-mail filters were catching them, and of course if the announcement was related to email problems, it was all moot anyway! Also, using an RSS feed is so very Web 2.0 of us!

We also thought it was a good idea to have critical announcements not on our panel, which has known to, once in a blue moon, be as we say in polite company, “completely unreachable.” In fact, dreamhoststatus.com is completely off-network and not even at a dreamhost.com domain name! It is still using our dns servers, but we plan to change even that sometime soon.

So please, go bookmark dreamhoststatus.com today and probably even subscribe to the RSS feed!

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