New Rails

As I write this, the latest version of Ruby on Rails, version 1.1, is being installed on all DreamHost servers.

When I asked Josh if I could post to the blog about this, he asked me, “Is it exciting?” Pfah! Of course it’s exciting!

For one thing, they’re bragging over at the RoR Blog that the update has over 500 “fixes, tweaks, and features.” I call that pretty darn exciting, and I knew our DreamHost customers who love Ruby on Rails would be excited to get their hot little hands on those changes as soon as possible. The big one that I know will get RoR fans all a-quiver is Ajax. I’ve heard some pretty excited talk about Ajax, and now RoR fans can get their Ajax on.

Additionally, another blogger has published a list of lesser-known features that may not be as exciting as the major changes, but are a nice addition to make life a bit easier for RoR developers.

So maybe nobody will be dancing in the streets over this one, but who knows, maybe a beer or two will be tipped.

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