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Announcing the “Lets’s Save Our Environment” Remix Contest WINNERS!!!

The winner of the “Let’s Save Our Environment” remix contest is:

Michael Baumgarten of with his super cool syncopated roboty voice remix. Congratulations.

Second place goes to:

Thomas of with his super funny remix to the “I’m Too Sexy Song” (my uncle thought this was the funniest.)

Third place goes to:

Jacob Humphrey of with his disco themed remix.

Fourth place goes to:

sisforawsome of with their super glitchy and freaky Drum’n’Bass remix.

Well done everyone. Like we said, first place gets a lifetime free CDI plan. Second place get a 4 year CDI, third place a 3 year CDI, fourth place gets a 2 year CDI and everyone else who entered gets a 1 year CDI plan!

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!! To get your prizes email the link of the comment in which you posted your remix to with some other form identification, ideally you will send the email from an account which is listed in the comment or from the domain hosting your remix. If you are already a dreamhost customer and just want the credit applied to your exising account please say so.

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