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How to Set Up a Custom Email Address

Few things make you look as professional as a custom email address. There’s a big difference between getting an email from johndoe@gmail.com and one from john@doeenterprises.com. People want to do business with the latter, but they might not trust the former as much.

Fortunately, setting up a professional email address is pretty straightforward. If you already have a domain, you can easily use it to create custom email addresses. All you have to do is pay for email hosting, which is a service most providers offer (including us). Let’s go over how that process works!

Why You Should Be Using a Professional Email Address

Everyone needs an email address they wouldn’t be ashamed of sharing in public or in professional settings. When you’re 15, it’s OK if your primary address is therock4532@gmail.com. When you’re 20 or 30, however, this is seen as less acceptable.

Having an address such as janecdoe@gmail.com is an improvement. It’s simple, professional, and it wouldn’t look out of place on a resume. However, if you want to take things a step further, the best way to do that is with a custom domain.

When we get an email from an address such as jane@doeenterprises.com, it tells us two things:

  • We’re probably dealing with a professional
  • Some thought went into securing that domain name and setting everything up

A professional email address can make recipients take you more seriously. This can benefit you if you run a business or are a freelancer. On top of that, setting up a professional email address is downright cheap and easy to do.

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How to Set Up a Professional Email Address Using DreamHost

To use a professional email address, you’ll need two things:

  1. A registered domain name
  2. Email hosting

Registering a domain name is simple, and if you’re reading this, chances are you’re already a DreamHost shared hosting user. That leaves us with only item No. 2 to take care of.

To sign up for email hosting, you’ll need to access your DreamHost panel. If you look to the left of your panel, you’ll see a tab called Email. Click on it, and select the Manage email option.

Accessing the Manage Email tab from your DreamHost panel.

On the next screen, look for the button that says Create New Email Address.

Creating a new email address.

There are a few fields you’ll need to fill out now. First, select your email address and the domain you want to use with it.

Selecting a name and a domain for your new email address.

The Mailbox “Name” field is for internal identification purposes, so go with any name you want. You can also let us pick a secure password for you, or you can set your own.

Setting a password for your new email account.

Moving on, you can decide how much space you want to assign to your account. We set the default to 200 MB, which is more than enough if you clean your inbox from time to time. However, all of our email plans support mailboxes of up to 25 GB, so you’re set if you need any more space.

Configuring your new email storage settings.

All the settings below this section have to do with email management. If you want us to send you email storage warnings or remove read messages for you, you can enable the corresponding settings here.

If your plan includes email hosting, you’ll see a success message now. Otherwise, you’ll need to complete payment first.

A success message for your new email account.

You can access any of the emails you set up using webmail, by navigating to the Mail > Webmail tab within your panel.

A list of active DreamHost email accounts.

Keep in mind — it can take a few minutes for your webmail to start working. Likewise, your email might not work during the first few hours after you set it up. Just like with domain names, the changes you make need time to propagate, so be patient and check back a bit later if needed.

Congratulations! You have a professional email address now, so go ahead and start using it. Now might be a good time to set up email on your phone or in a mail client such as Outlook. Our knowledge base has more instructions on that if you need some help.

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Start Sending Emails

Setting up a professional email address is much simpler than most people imagine. If you already have a domain you’d like to use for your email, it becomes even easier. All you have to do is check to see if your provider offers email hosting (which they should), and set up an account using the credentials you want.

Are you ready to set up your first custom email address? Sign up for our email plans alongside any of our hosting services!

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