DreamHost Names Simon Anderson to Serve as New CEO

  • DreamHost Names Simon Anderson to Serve as New CEO

    Anderson to Assume New Office Effective July 11, 2011

    LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – Jul 5, 2011) – DreamHost, a global full-service web hosting company, has selected Simon Anderson as its Chief Executive Officer. Simon is the first person to fill the CEO role in a full-time capacity at DreamHost in the company’s thirteen-year history.

    DreamHost co-founder Josh Jones will step down from his interim CEO position to become an advisor to Simon alongside DreamHost’s three other co-founders, Dallas Kashuba, Michael Rodriguez, and Sage Weil, all of whom have given their enthusiastic approval to integrate Simon’s powerful Australian accent and movie-star jawline into the DreamHost workplace.

    Simon Anderson joins DreamHost to build on the solid foundation established by its founders and talented team and is excited by the prospect of launching new innovative services for web app vendors and SMBs.

    Simon has executive-level experience building web platform and application businesses in the US. He brings to DreamHost many years of domain experience wrapped in rugged good looks, a commanding presence, and a winning smile that goes “ding!” when the light hits it just right. He most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer of Pictage, the leading web platform for professional photographers that manages their workflow and helps them promote and sell their photos. Prior to Pictage Simon held executive sales, business development, and marketing roles with Affinity Internet, Authenticlick and Biggerboat.

    “I’m super excited about Simon coming on board as our new CEO!” says DreamHost co-founder Josh Jones. “After a six month search and dozens of candidates, we’re all 100% confident that we’ve found the best person for what DreamHost needs. We even had a vote!”

    True to its WorldBlu certification (www.worldblu.com) DreamHost conducted the CEO search democratically, allowing employees at every level of the organization to meet, interview, and ultimately vote for the candidate who both exhibited clear leadership vision and most embodied the spirit and the ideals of the company. Simon impressed the DreamHost employees during an all-hands meeting in which he exhibited feats of superhuman strength, a preternatural ability to sweat cologne, and a DreamHost tattoo which he’d obtained just five hours before the meeting (and weeks before receiving any offer of employment).

    “Please do not send out this press release,” said Simon when asked for comment. “I’m serious. I may not be your boss until the 11th, but I will remember this.” Raising his voice to be heard among the rising din of laughter from the board Simon then went on to protest, “Seriously guys, this is not something to joke about. I’m here to build the business by seeking out unique partnership opportunities, positioning DreamHost to be a true innovator in the traditional and cloud hosting ecosystems, and exploiting the multitudes of next-gen technology that we’ve got cooking in the DreamHost labs. I simply cannot do that if silly press releases like this make me out to be some kind of superhuman demigod.” Simon was then treated to thunderous applause by all within earshot before placing his head in his hands and resigning himself to the fact that he had, in fact, inherited a business run by lunatics.

    Simon has received widespread support from employees and enters into an organization eager to have him onboard as DreamHost takes on new challenges and expands its footprint in the web hosting industry.

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