We Keep it Moving

Yes, we keep it moving. AH!

Turning 10 wasn’t the only thing we did last week. We also moved offices.

That in the back is how I get BUFF.

Well, we didn’t exactly move… we were evicted! And our new office space isn’t even ready yet! So really we just ended office.

Just a little bit too much bringing alcohol into the building, playing pool, neighbor complaints about loud profanities, and one too many bomb threats I guess.

He had SIX GOLD HOOP earrings!

The situation is all very complicated, and came about pretty suddenly, but fortunately we were able to get a REAL LIVE MOVING PIRATE from “Starving Students.” (Starving Students is an equal-opportunity employer and will hire any qualified applicant. Any.)

The Reformat of Doom!

Things happened so fast, we ended up just trash compacting about 200 old 36GB fiber channel hard drives that had (private) customer data on them we couldn’t let get into enemy hands…

Try to avoid drink gnomes.

… as well as moving a bunch of leftover drinks down to the NOC our temporary office space for at least a month.

Should we keep that nasty old spooge couch?




(Exactly how it looked when we originally moved in!)