Some Late Night Moves!

Leaning tower of Pizza box servers.

Last night we made some moves.

Patrick and I moved about 60 servers!

And I only dropped one! (Sorry about that, bomberman.)

It took about two hours, and here we are, wrapping things up:

Stage 2? At 12:30 in the morning, after moving 60 servers, what else could we possibly want to move for a STAGE 2?

Hmm… something about “Brea”?

I don't get it..

We passed this car in the parking lot.. and soon, we were at the OTHER DreamHost office.

We waited.. THE CON WAS ON!

Patrick had told Pete (who lives right by the office) that he was just in the area, at 1:30am on a Wednesday, and I wanted him to pick up some WWF glasses for the downtown office. But, HAD PETE PLAYED US FOR FOUR FOOLS?!

Apparently not….

We made short work of the coveted sign.

But is it art?

And then I decided to go raid the kitchen…. WHAAaaaa!!!!

Yes, very funny, Brea. But who’s wearing the cool shades now?!

This man switched my neon sign! While wearing cool shades.

As long as we were there, we thought we might as well have some fun…

And some more fun…

We took our time. We even checked out the Official DreamHost Museum!

Why hello there, Señor Corona, you sure are working late tonight!

There was one guy working late.. Mr. Corona!

Of course, we couldn’t just leave those poor, unsuspecting Breaites bare-walled!

Around 3:30, we were back “home.” Mission complete. Tired. Satisfied. Ugly.

The neon sign was finally where it has always been destined to be. Down in our NOC. The HEART of DreamHost.

Because data center power just grows on trees!