DreamHost and Google are Talking!

DreamHost and Google are talking!

We’re talking with Google! But it’s not what you think!

We have no plans to sell DreamHost to anyone – not even Google! Even they couldn’t afford the eleventy-billion dollars that it would take for us to even consider selling out!

However! They are still trying their hardest to make themselves appear to be a more attractive suitor by enabling XMPP federation on Google Talk today! What this means is that DreamHost customers who are running their own Jabber servers @their own domains (a free feature included with all of our hosting packages!) can now add Google Talk users to their contact lists – and vice versa!

Go ahead – try it now! If you’re logged in to your DreamHost-provided Jabber account, try adding username@gmail.com! It’ll work! Honest! Or if you’re logged into Google Talk, try adding username@dreamhostaccount.com. Again – works!

We’ve been singing Jabber’s praises for three and a half years now! If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of open-source instant messaging why not start today? If you’re a DreamHost customer just visit the Goodies : Jabber IM section of your account control panel to get started!